March TarotScope 2018

tarot scope

Hello, Wonder bugs! Here is the tarotscope for March 2018! This month has us going through some transformations! Some are at the beginning of their transformation and others are just at the tail end. So I suggest that you watch your particular video to see what needs to be done to either begin or end this new Journey that the majority of all of us are going through. Remember that all Journeys are transformational but they’re not always fun so some of us might be going through some hardships in the next coming months and others are just about done with our transformation.

Now with the Mercury retrograde starting on the 22nd and ending next month on the 14th is a great opportunity to the dub deep to clear out unwanted and unnecessary stuff in our lives. But remember it won’t be fun but by the end of it, it’ll be worth it. Please leave comments to let me know how your journey has gone and what you plan on doing or not doing during the Mercury retrograde.

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