How to make a Psi Balls or Energy Balls

Two hands holding an Energy Ball

So many years ago I found this particular website that talks about psychic abilities and all the different types of exercises to help you develop them. I started thinking what if I try some of them out and write about my experiences. I started with the Psi Balls.

Its one of the easiest but also a lot of fun. If you want to improve your ability to focus and manipulate energy this would be your first step. You create Psi balls by molding energy with your mind to form the energy into a sphere or ball shape in between the palm of your hands. You can also create psi balls into the shape of a square, a pyramid or any other shape your mind can think.

Ok with that said, I had a bit of extra fun with it. You see, you can create psi balls for various purposes such as telepathy, healing and magick boosting…..before I continue on this topic I like to make something clear, we as humans use energy all the time. So when your watching a movie and there’s a loud baby crying and all you can think about is “I wish that baby would shut up” guess what you’re sending out energy to that baby to be quiet whether you know it or not. So please don’t give me any grief about using energy to manipulate situations.

So when I started I did the basic exercise, that was all good and dandy but a little boring. I mean come on, is that it? what now? I made a cute little ball of light in my hand, ok now what the hell am I supposed to do with it. So this is what I started doing. At first, I worked with making magic circles “by the way, psi ball’s are a great way of making magic circles if you don’t have a ritual knife”

Energy Ball/Psi Ball
After a while, I was like “let’s get this party started” I focused my energy and put some intent in that pretty little energy ball, then I threw it out into the universe and so I can get shit done! First thing I did was made a psi ball with the energy focused on love, peace, and relaxation and then I threw it at my mother, so then maybe she can leave me the hell alone for 20 minutes. You see my mom has severe P.T.S.D. “post-traumatic stress disorder” and sometimes she can get a little out of hand…it worked like a charm! It ended up calm and soothing my mother down where she could function normally.

Here are the basics on how to make a Psi Balls! 


Sit in a quiet room where no one will interrupt you. Meditate if you need too for a few minutes until you feel that you are completely calm and in a peaceful state. 


When your ready start by visualizing your energy extending down into the Earth like the roots of a tree, connecting with its energy. This exercise is intended to balance you and it is just one of the methods that you can use. 


Psi is energy and can be sensed as a magnetic force, that energy exists within you and flows through your body all the time. Place one hand over the other across the chest palms facing each other. Then imagine a bright light “energy” coming from the ground going up your body and out your hands. Try to see if you can feel in the palms of your hands a tingling sensation of some sort, if not that’s okay it takes time. But imagine the energy collecting between your hands and it forming of a ball. This can be a large ball or small ball it’s really up to your imagination. 

Have fun 

At this point, if you desire to manifest something take the energy ball in your hands and add the emotion or desire you want to achieve. This can be done by either adding your emotion/will to the energy that is already in the ball and then simply throw it out to the universe.

Though I’ve always used energy during spells and rituals, I’ve never really used it in a practical day to day quite like this. I must say it gets the job done, depending on how much energy you use. I’ve even started placing an energy ball around myself while I am conducting a tarot card reading. By doing this it helps me concentrate on the reading because all other energies that could disturb me are not allowed to cross the energy ball. Because of this it has really enhanced my reading capabilities and focuses.

If you guys are interested in a reading from me just go to the section that says Get A Reading. I can’t wait to hear from you and much love and blessings!

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