Halloween Tarot Bash! Tarot Card Reading!!

Hey, guys! It’s that time of the year when everybody dresses up as their favourite character and gets to do a little bit of mischief! There are candy and fun galore!… Oh, and you get to stay up late…. What more can you ask for?

Halloween is definitely my favourite holiday of all time! But it’s not just a holiday for fun and candy.  Halloween or Samhain is a day to remember our dearly departed loved ones and it’s also a Witch’s  New Year, rock on! It’s one of the best times throughout the whole entire year to do psychic readings. Because the veil that separates the living from the dead is really thin so psychic energy is pumping!

This is one of the spreads that I’m going to be using for the Halloween Tarot Bash that is a happening all this month!

Halloween Tarot Bash Spread

1. The Trick or Treater: Symbolizes you at present
2.  Haunted House: Ghost from the past that keeps you from moving forward. Your flaws, mistakes that haunt you
3.The Gargoyle: Your guardians. The protective spirits that keep you from harm.
4. The Black Cat: Using your cunning and wisdom to achieve your goals. What you can do now to better yourself
5. Graveyard: What needs to die. What you need to be let go of last year. 
6. The Jack O’Lantern: The guiding force that is propelling you to your near future. What’s to come for this new year.
 I’m so excited that I’ve created my own Tarot Spread for the occasion and I cannot wait to use it!

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