2019 Update New Changes are Coming!

 2019 UPDTAE
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Hello, My Little Wonder bugs! today I am doing this lovely blog post to let you know what’s happening, what’s going on in my youtube channel. These changes are also going to affect the website but in a good way. So let’s get on with it, shall we!

What’s changing on the Channel!!

No more Tarotscopes

The tarot Scopes will be leaving because to record, edit, and upload to Youtube takes a lot of time. So much so that I’m not capable of doing other videos that I know would be fun and interesting for all of us.

More Witchy Video

The witchy videos that I’m planning on doing our videos that people can relate to and actually be a part of even if you’re not a witch.

Guided Meditations

I have been using guided meditations for many years now and they help me relax and manifest, just to name a few. I really want to share my ideas and my creativity by creating them for you.

Review on witchy/metaphysically/divination tool

The reviews are going to be for all of us that lead of spiritual life and that want to find cool and different things to enhance our day-to-day

Why are these changes happening?

In the last 3 to 4 years I have been doing Tarotscopes on my channel off and on and they have never satisfied me when it comes to producing and being creative. Secondly, I feel like if I’m not contributing anything really to the community. Besides whether or not your ex is going to be coming back or how they feel about you. I feel like if I’m not helping you or me in enriching both our lives. So I hope that everyone enjoys and is happy with the what and the why and what’s to come to my channel and this website. I’m so excited about these new changes and I feel that they are right and good!! I would love to hear from all of you your opinions would mean a lot to me!

Either than that much love and blessings!!!

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