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I'm an Intuitive Life Coach and a Witch. I use magical tools such as Tarot, Runes, Pendulums.
Do you ever feel like the Magic in your life is no longer there? Your daily life is just so Bland and boring? And you just don't know how to get that magic back in your life? I was in that same predicament, every day was a boring repeat of the next day. I made a lot of bad choices that got me nowhere closer to my dreams.

One day I just told myself no, no more! And I picked up the one thing that I knew I would enjoy doing and that was the tarot cards. They opened up a whole new world for me and they give me the answers to all my questions so I can make the right decisions when it comes to anything and everything in my life: love, career, and my spiritual path.

I offer that to you now, a chance to get the answers to your questions. My goal is to give you the best quality tarot card reading from someone who is skilled and knowledgeable and who can also empathize and understand your situation because I've been there. Who doesn't just come recommended by her clients but also by her peer's.

My Youtube

Hello, Wonder bugs my name is Maria Isoldde and this is my channel!!! What you're going to be seeing here is videos on witchcraft, divination and the occasional lifestyle or Vlog video. I promise to make it an entertaining and fun as possible. Suggestions, comments and subscribers are welcome